Chia seeds

I was recently at a spiritual retreat and a friend was walking around with a glass of water filled with little black seeds floating around.  When I asked her about it, she said it’s chia seeds! She told me that chia seeds are a top source of omega 3’s, among other benefits.  I had seen bags of chia seeds in the ‘raw’ section of the grocery store, but was never sure what to do with them.  Here is a site that lists 10 health benefits to eating chia seeds:

So I purchased a bag of organic black chia seeds and stored them in a glass mason jar.

Each morning, I add about 1 teaspoon of seeds to a glass of good quality water and stir.  After a short time, the seeds become a bit gelatinous.  They really don’t have much taste, but I like that I am getting omega 3’s.  I also add a squeeze of fresh organic lemon juice for natural source of vitamin c.  Lemon is alkaline producing in the body.

In case you didn’t know, we all want to have slightly alkaline bodies.  Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment.  Here is a great resource that explains:  There are many ways to alkalinize our bodies, not only by what we eat and drink, but by what we think and how we breathe! I took a class to learn more about this.  When we walked in to the class, we were asked to test our pH level.  (we were asked to go to the restroom to urinate on some litmus paper) Then we learned about how some foods are acidic outside of the body, yet are alkaline forming once ingested.  During the class, we drank ionized water and did some deep breathing exercises.  After 2 hours, we measured our pH again, and everyone’s pH moved up the scale from some level of acidity toward alkalinity!  Tap water is acidic and is not beneficial.

I will talk more about acid/alkaline diet in a future post.  Meantime, get some chia seeds and enjoy!