Angel’s advocacy

Are you an angel’s advocate?

I have been contemplating the power of being an angel’s advocate. You have heard of being a Devil’s Advocate? Well, the idea of angel’s advocate is maintaining a positive outlook on every situation that one encounters.

As stated by Susan Holton from Gabriel Ames Assoc.:

“What does it mean to be an Angel’s Advocate?
An Angel’s Advocate first looks at the benefits of any situation – not at what is wrong with it.
An Angel’s Advocate first looks at the ways in which an idea might work – not the ways in which it will inevitably fail.
An Angel’s Advocate views ideas from a positive perspective.
Think about the turn around that would be created by first looking at everything through a positive light!”

It’s being open to and offering a wider perspective or higher altitude view of a situation. It’s understanding that the only thing we have control of is our option to choose how we ‘react’ to anything. So often we ‘go into reaction’ to something that is said, to how someone treats us or others, and we don’t stop to take a breath and reset.

It can take a little re-training of the mind.  So next time you feel the impulse to voice your negative opinion, ask yourself how you could reframe your thought/words more positively. You can instantly change the tone of the conversation and not only uplift yourself, but others as well.

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